Air Conditioner Repair And Troubleshooting

Air condition repair in its basic means fixing AC related problems. No matter how good your unit, there comes a time when the inevitable happens and your facing the possibility of living through the heat. However with some common knowledge in Ac troubleshooting, you could save yourself and your loved ones from the inconvenience and be the hero!

Isn’t time you realized some quick air conditioner repair skills that will save you time and cash big time?

No, not kidding.

The possibility of you Ac troubleshooting like a real pro is very tenable and you’ve come to the right place as you will soon see in this article.

By this, I mean simple air conditioner repair solutions that will sort out your Ac emergency fast and return your air condition to peak performance as though it were new.  Won’t that be cool?

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Air Conditioner Repair and AC Troubleshooting: How to fix some common problems affecting your air condition unit:

Air Condition not cooling

One of the common complaints from Ac owners is about their unit not cooling. The best approach is to check out some items on your Ac first before deciding on calling a professional.

Check the thermostat and confirm it is not set too high; set the temperature of the thermostat below the ambient temperature to solve the problem if that’s the case.

Secondly, this problem might be caused by a dirty condenser, evaporator or filter. Cleaning the condenser, filter (or replacing them) and fixing the fins, plus removing debris, grasses, and other junk around the Air condition unit might just do the magic and restore the desired cooling efficiency.

Another important mention is that the size of the unit. If your AC is too small, then it won’t have the capacity to cool the room efficiently. So, in other to solve this problem, you need to make sure you buy an AC that is appropriately sized for the intended room. Confused about what size will suit your room? Contact a reliable air condition service provider.

Now that you’ve done all these and it’s still not cooling, the problem might be caused be a faulty compressor or the refrigerant is low or leaking away. If this is the case, you can only do much and your best bet is to call in the calvary- a competent Ac repair expert.

The air from the AC smells bad

AC troubleshooting sometimes means you’ll have to deal with an air condition that emits odor whenever it’s in use. Chances are that moisture build-up leading to the proliferation of fungi, molds or mildew within the unit is culpable. The solution is simple; ensure you clean your air condition regularly, also, change the filters as directed by the makers of your AC unit. Lastly, it is important you’re sure your AC properly drains away water.

Air conditioner doesn’t comes on automatically when turned on

Blown fuse, a tripped breaker or a wrongly set thermostat are some possible causes. So how do you solve this problem? Inspect the electrical and circuit panels for any tell-tale signs, if a fuse is blown, have it replaced or reset the breaker or thermostat whatever the case.

AC hums but doesn’t blow air

It is not uncommon to encounter this problem with your AC unit. The common cause of this situation is a faulty motor or compressor. In this case, the faulty part needs to be replaced by a genuine and certified spare part. This might be beyond you, so what you need do is to invite a professional over and have them evaluate the situation. Additionally, a reputable pro is likely to have access to certified spare parts at discounted prices which is a plus.


Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prevent the occurrence of some of these problems and thus help you avoid costly air condition repairs and also helps in keeping energy cost low plus it will save you the stress of an emergency AC troubleshooting exercise. That said, to get the best out your AC and get value for your bucks, you should hire only reputable AC repair services and you’ll be happier for it.

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