What You Need To Know About Air Conditioner Cleaning?

Scheduled air conditioner cleaning can help you avoid some problems associated with your AC unit. Cleaning your AC is something that is relatively easy and not as tedious as it is made out to be- it can be done by a non HVAC professional like yourself. AC cleaning is a vital aspect of maintenance and it should be incorporated into your routines.

This article will give you a quick overview that will assist you in keeping your AC unit clean like a pro.

However before we proceed to cleaning your AC, you need to understand the main components that make up your AC. Irrespective of the model, ACs consist of an outdoor and indoor component. The outdoor unit houses the compressor or condenser, while the indoor unit functions as the evaporator.

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First off, disconnect your unit from the power source

Let’s do some AC cleaning!

Cleaning the outdoor component

A typical outdoor unit has copper tubes that run between the compressor in the outdoor unit and the coil. The coil is responsible for taking in air and it consists of fine tubes and air inlets. The goal here is to clean the condenser and remove every dirt and debris that builds-up within it.

Remove the screws or clips to expose the fan. Here the purpose of cleaning the AC fan is to enable your unit take in air efficiently. Cleaning can be done with water or detergent. Afterwards, lubricate the fan wit few drops of oils meant for electrical engines; spin the fan to ensure its motor moves smoothly.

If the model of your unit has belt driven motors, then apply some oil to the open oil port, otherwise it may not need lubricating at all. If it is an enclosed unit, check for oil leaks, leakages might indicate the need for replacement in most cases.

Return the cover and secure the screws or clips.

Indoor Evaporator Cleaning

Place a protective cover around the indoor unit to help trap dust and debris before getting to work.

Now that you’ve done that, ensure the indoor and outdoor units are disconnected from each other. Proceed to remove the filters; clean them or have them changed with new ones depending on their condition.

As for the other parts of the indoor unit, it is best you leave it for a professional to handle.

Hiring a professional for your Air conditioning cleaning

If you are time poor or just don’t fancy cleaning your AC yourself, you have the option of hiring a professional to clean your AC unit for you. They are well trained and have the right tools that are necessary to clean the indoor unit as well as the outdoor parts adequately.


Although, not recommended regularly, air conditioning cleaning is a great way to ensure your unit receives some attention. Not only will it give your unit a sparkling “like new” look, it is another way you can catch developing problems early and also improve its cooling efficiency.


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